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Asset Management

RCA and Company offers a comprehensive end-to-end asset management services which addresses all stages of your asset’s lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

The cohesive RCA team of highly skilled, highly trained professional Chartered Accountants and field experts ensures rapid delivery of the best cost-effective solutions for our clients without compromising on quality. These personnel customise RCA’s processes to suit the needs of each of our clients providing professional consulting expertise in the following areas:


With RCA and Company Inc, your organisation has an effective Asset Management partner. From procurement to disposal, each asset has a lifecycle and knowing where a particular asset sits in the lifecycle is the key to proper asset lifecycle management. RCA and Company offers a comprehensive end-to-end asset management services which addresses all stages of your asset’s lifecycle from acquisition to disposal. Drawing upon over ten years’ experience in comprehensive Asset Management, we tailor our support to your strategic objectives and ensure that you get the maximum return on your asset base through control, optimization and service.

These assets represent a significant investment and it is generally accepted that their respective lifecycles must be managed to achieve optimal return. As discussed in detail in previous ARC reports, overall asset lifecycle management (ALM) involves a set of interconnected, iterative processes:

Asset Management

At RCA and Company Inc, the we break down an Asset Management (AM) process into 5 key stages which are:

A key process within asset management is the understanding of asset life cycle. There are four key stages of the asset management, which this section will classify and describe. The four key stages of the asset management process are:

a.  Acquisition

The first step in the acquisition process is the planning. In this stage we perform a gap analysis and benchmarking which establishes and verifies asset requirements. For your organisation. To establish the asset requirements, we evaluate the existing assets and their potential to meet service delivery needs for your organisation. The gap which is identified the specification of the assets that will be required. In this planning process our team will assist your organisation in assessing the practical sufficiency of existing assets, identifying excess or underperforming assets and estimate the options for asset provision and funding asset acquisition. Once we have completed the planning process, we will then engage in the asset specification and utilization planning as well as asset procurement planning, and this is where the RCA and Company Inc ready-to-deploy Asset Management Software comes in.

RCA and Company provides a ready-to-deploy Software for:

  • Supply, and technical support for Integrated Asset Management System
  • Provision of full on-site support for the AMS
  • Provide technical and administrative support
  • Provision of Training on the Asset Management System

Our Integrated Asset Management System assists your organisation in taking the best decision on choosing the best option to meet the requirements identified in the planning process. The acquisition process entails designing and procuring an asset ensuring cost effective acquisition and guaranteeing that the asset is fit for use. Our system will also assist decision makers within the organisation to decide if the asset to be procured will be perpetually bought or built. The system will also establish a budget for asset acquisition along with a time frame for its acquisition and a purchasing requirement. Once a decision for procurement has been made, and a budget provided, our team will assist the organisation to expedite the process to make sure that all acquisition process activities are completed in order to meet organization objectives.

b.  Building and Deploying

In the building and Commission phase we will test the asset to see if they are functioning properly. In this phase, RCA and Company will review and assure the client that all systems and components of an asset are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the client. We do commissioning, not only of new assets but also to existing assets and their sub-systems. Within the commissioning process we will perform a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the assets and this will include aspects such as Asset definition, asset hierarchy, asset classification, asset register development, Asset Geo Spatial Tagging, asset verification and inspection. Building and commissioning activities in cover all aspects of asset management from basic and detailed design, procurement, construction and assembly until the final handover of the unit to the Client. One of the Key processes within the Commissioning phase is the compilation and review of GRAP Compliant Asset Registers as detailed below:

Compilation and Reviews of GRAP Compliant Asset Registers

Using our in-house expertise, we make the whole process of putting in place a complete, accurate and change control-oriented record of fixed assets, an easily repeatable exercise, taking into account every conceivable eventuality that may be experienced in fixed assets management environment. Through this service offering, we could assist with:

  • Fixed Assets Verification;
  • Fixed Assets Register Reconciliation; and
  • Fixed Assets Audit.
  • moveable / immovable asset verification
  • Asset Valuations

c.  Operation and Maintenance (O& M)

RCA and Company Inc’s Operations Management phase is aimed at providing comprehensive services to our clients to ensure that every asset that we build, commission, transition and manage operates at optimum performance technically and financially. Backed by our effective end to end asset management system, RCA is committed to delivering value added Operation and Maintenance services to which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Operation and maintenance strategies
  • Capex Planning and budgeting
  • Service provider evaluation
  • Maintenance and standard operating procedures
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance planning and implementation
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Real time performance report
  • O and M Benchmarking and standards
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Project Management

d. Disposal

Best practice requires that assets be appropriately secured and maintained, used for the purposes intended, periodically accounted for, and properly disposed of. RCA and company will assist your organisation to dispose of assets that have reached the end of its useful life by treating it as a surplus or considering as an underperforming asset. We will make sure to perform the decommissioning and disposal process in line with legislation and statutory requirements. The disposal process will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Asset Upgradation/modification planning
  • Maintenance versus replacement cost analysis
  • Asset Decommission
  • Asset Disposal Documentation


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